All Hex Extensions

The SDS Plus All Hex Extension of Rote Mate has a robust structure and is totally different from other traditional extensions. SDS Plus is a slight improvement of SDS but backwardly compatible to SDS. SDS drill is more capable and powerful than a standard drill. It can drill through any kind of tough materials such as concrete, brickwork, steel, and others. This kind of drill applies the force much more precisely, faster, and more effectively drilling through the tough materials.

Our products are having strongimpact resistant. The extension can stand the heavy impact of hammer drill. The holder is suitable for both C6.3 and E6.3 shanks of screwdriver bits, nut setters and drill bits.
Also, our SDS Plus all hex extension is easy to release. Screwdriver bit, concrete drill bit and nut setter,etc. can be changed quickly by using our extensions.Therefore, not only the time but also the cost for the SDS special adaptor is saved. Moreover, the drill bit can be directly inserted into the extension. The heavy screw and nut can be fastened directly as well.

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    SDS Extension
  • All Hex Extension
    All Hex Extension