Bits Packages, Bit Wrench Set

Besides a complete set tool of bit sets, packaging for bits and nut setters are alsorequired and cannot be ignored too.

Rote Mate offers various types of sizes and models of bit packages for customers’ needs, such as e-Bit, box series and other accessories. Bits and nut setters can be packed in boxes, polybag, or other packages as your require. Therefore, we do provide OEM and ODM customization service to our customers according to their needs.

The bit box series of Rote Mate are available in two types, which are the BT series and SK series respectively. BT box series is using to put small bits or nut setters, while the SK box series is for the big size of bits or nut setters.

Our bit wrench set is providing connectable extra capacity framework to optimize capacity space of the penetrate bits and nut setters, also with a clear cover allows you to easily take a look the contents inside at glance.Different sizes or volume of boxes are available according to the amount and types of bits and nuts, easy storage and would not simply leaving or putting anywhere to avoid injury. Besides, customers can provide us their ideal requirements of producing any kind of packages they want, such as in polybag form etc.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding any of our bit wrench sets and accessories. Drop your inquiry now.

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    BT Box series
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    SK Box Series
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