Torsion Impact Driver Bits / Impact Nut Setters

Are you using an impact driver for your next project? Make sure you have your torsion impact driver bits ready. Start now with this complete buyer's guide.

Torsion Impact Bits

For many people, having proper drilling equipment can make or break a project.

If you're using a high-powered drill the last thing you want is for your bits to be breaking or stripping under the pressure. For the best bit available, it's time to think about investing in impact driver bits.

Keep reading to learn more about our unique bits!

Why You Need Torsion Impact Driver Bits

If you need a durable bit, torsion impact driver bits are a great option.

Not only are torsion bits more durable, but they can drive more screws in less time than a standard screwdriver bit. Torsion impact bits will hold up no matter how heavy-duty your project is, as the bit will flex instead of snap under pressure.

When You Should Use Torsion Impact Bits

Torsion impact bits are useful in any circumstance!

If you're fastening the bit by hand, using a high-torque impact driver, or using a low-torque drill, the torsion bits can handle the job. While torsion impact bits are a little more expensive, they are worth the price since they last much longer than standard bits. The impact driver bits are simply the best and most durable option for any project you need them for!

Torsion Impact Driver Bits vs Standard Screwdriver Bits

While standard screwdriver bits have evolved and upgraded over the years, they aren't quite up to the task when using modern impact drivers.

You may find that the standard bits work for a low-powered drill sufficiently, however, the high-powered drills are too strong. When used with a high-powered drill the standard drill bits will either strip or break.

On the other hand, an impact driver bit set can withstand the power of a high-power drill. The design features a higher quality of steel and the ability to bend as needed without breaking.

Your Options

When it comes to choosing impact driver bits, you have a few options.

These are:

V5 Torsion Impact Bits

These bits are made from V5 steel.

With the proper heat-treating process, these bits are pressure-resistant. Because of this, these bits have at least double the amount of life that its rivals do.

Torsion Double-Ended Bit

The unique design of the torsion double-ended bit absorbs extra power.

This type specifically is made for light-duty applications, however, it has a much longer life than its competitors. Ideally, this bit will be used with assembled screws.

S2 Torsion Impact Driver Bits

High-quality alloy steel is used to make the S2 torsion impact driver bits.

The color-coded rings meet the safety standards of ASME. Plus, these bits are great for driving hex head screw, bolts, or nuts.


If these bits don't originally fit your needs, we can tailor them to your needs.

Depending on the amount of time you use the bit for, what you're using it for, and what features you need the bit to have, we can create a customized bit.

Are You Ready to Invest in Torsion Impact Driver Bits?

If your standard screwdriver bits just aren't cutting it, consider an upgrade.

Impact driver bits will easily last through your projects and provide the most optimal performance. Reach out to us today for any questions that you have!

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