Torsion Impact Driver Bits / Impact Nut Setters

Rote Mate is a professional impact screwdriver accessories manufacturer & impact drill accessories supplier. We manufacture high-quality torsion impact bits and torsion drill bits, which meet international standards and promise durability. Our impact screwdriver bits and impact drill bits are protected by patents and show extraordinary functionality and durability.
We provide impact driver bits such as double-ended bits for light applications and impact driver bits such as e-Bit® and e-Nut® for more heavy-duty work. Please check our video page for product demonstrations.
All impact driver bits can be tailor made according to your requirements.

  • ebit, impact bits, impact screwdriver bits, torsion impact bits
    e-Bit® / V5 Torsion Impact Bits
  • double bit, double ended bit
    Torsion Double End Bit
  • nut driver bit, e nut, e-nut
    e-Nut® / S2 Torsion Impact Bits