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Tools need complete bit sets for optimal performance. Start with this buyer's guide to selecting drill bit sets for your favorite screwdrivers and power tools.

Power Drill Bit Sets

Do you love working on home improvement projects around the house? If so, you probably understand the need for the right tools for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. In fact, the more tools you have, the better.

One of the best tools to have on your tool bench is a quality screwdriver power drill. And along with your power drill, you'll also need quality drill bit sets. After all, every task is different and will require different sizes and types of bits to match the task at hand.

This article takes a look at how to choose the right screwdriver bit set. Keep reading to discover insight into buying the best equipment for your tool bench.

Drill Bit Materials

Before you buy drill bits for your next project, you'll need to consider the type of materials you'll be working with. This will help you choose the right drill bit material for the task. Here's an overview of bit materials.

  • Steel
  • Carbide Tipped
  • Titanium Coated
  • Cobalt
  • High-Speed Steel

Each of these serves a specific purpose.

For example, steel bits are inexpensive and good for softwood but will dull quickly or break when used on hardwood. Cobalt tipped bits are extremely hard and work well even when heat builds up, making it perfect for drilling into stainless steel and other types of metal. Titanium is a tough material that tends to stay sharp longer than steel or high-speed steel. Carbide is extremely strong and will stay sharp the longest, while high-speed steel is a slightly superior version of a steel bit.

Drill Bit Tips

Just as there are different bit materials for each task, different tip designs serve different purposes.

For example, a twist bit is best for softwood. A spear point used at low speed is ideal for tile and glass. A hole saw or paddle bit is best for making larger holes, and a step bit at low speeds is typically the right choice for drilling into metal.

Drill Bit Styles

Drill bits come in numerous styles. They include twist, brad point, adjustable wood bit, spade bit, hole saw, auger bit, step bit, and Forstner bit.

Knowing What You Need

A well-rounded tool bench will feature a wide variety of bits, including an array of bit styles, materials, and tips. After all, you never know what kind of project will come up that requires a specific bit for making the job as easy as possible.

The selection that comes in a basic bit set will likely be limited to several sizes of twist bits, and perhaps a few paddle bits. That's why investing in a more advanced screwdriver bit set is a smart move. For example, a 32pc De-spacer bit wrench set would be the ideal addition to any home tool bench.

A Guide to Drill Bit Sets Every Homeowner Should Own

Building your tool collection provides a feeling of tremendous satisfaction. Fortunately, this guide to drill bit sets will help you be prepared for even the most demanding project.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding any of our screwdriver drill bit products and accessories.

  • 31PC Screwdriver Bit Set
    31 PC Screwdriver Bit Set
  • 32 PC De-Spacer Bit Wrench Set
    32 PC De-Spacer Bit Wrench Set
  • 6 pcs Pocket Set
    6 pcs Pocket Set
  • 10 pcs Pocket Set
    10 pcs Pocket Set
  • 10 pcs Pocket Set
    10 pcs Pocket Set
  • 10 pcs Handle Bit Set
    10 pcs Handle Bit Set
  • ratchet screwdriver set
    20 In 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set
  • precision screwdriver, precision screwdriver set
    10 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Set
  • 20PC Screwdriver Bit Set
    20 PC Screwdriver Bit Set
  • 37 PC Power Bit Set
    37 PC Power Bit Set
  • 17 PC Power Bit and Nut Setter Set
    17 PC Power Bit and Nut Setter Set
  • 17 PC Power Bit and Nut Setter Set
    17 PC Power Bit and Nut Setter Set
  • 21 PC Power Bit Set
    21 PC Power Bit Set
  • 19 PC i-Bit Set
    19 PC i-Bit Set
  • 32 PC e-Bit Set (#RM-EBT32C)
    32 PC e-Bit Set (#RM-EBT32C)
  • 21 PC e-Bit & e-Nut Set (#RM-ENBT21C)
    21 PC e-Bit & e-Nut Set (#RM-ENBT21C)
  • 25PC Screwdriver Bit Set
    25 PC Screwdriver Bit Set