32 PC e-Bit Set (#RM-EBT32C)

Product Description

Torsion Impact e-Bit® (Elastic bit):

  • Torsion Impact e-Bits® are made of V5 alloy steel, which is high-quality and pressure resistant steel with proper heat treating process.
  • Rote Mate Torsion Impact e-Bit® bits life at least doubles that of rival productsis.
  • Rote Mate Torsion Impact e-Bit® is designed to ensure the optimal power density on the tip and therefore no energy is wasted in heavy load.
  • Rote Mate Torsion Impact e-Bit®quality exceeds DIN & ASME standards and stands loading up to thousands of times.
  • Fitted perfectly with screw recesses and will not damage screws..
  • Rings of different colors for easily distinguishing sizes and styles.

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