Socket Bits / Hex Socket Bits

Rote Mate produces two types of socket bits. One type are one-piece impact socket bits such as star impact socket bits and hexagon impact socket bits. The other type are two-pieces HBS socket bits such as hexagon HBS socket bits and Star HBS socket bits. Rote Mate socket bits feature the following characteristics, making them top choices for power driving.


  • Made of SNCM or S2 high quality steel, which is abrasion and deformation resistant steel with proper heat treatment.
  • Bits life at least doubles that of rival products.
  • Rote Mate socket bits are designed to ensure the optimal power density on the tip and therefore no energy is wasted in heavy load.
  • Quality exceeds DIN & ASME standards
  • Fitted perfectly with screw recesses and will not damage screws.
  • Star Impact Socket Bit
    Star Impact Socket Bit
  • Hexagon HBS Socket Bit
    Hexagon HBS Socket Bit
  • star socket bits
    Star HBS Socket Bit
  • hexagon socket bit
    Hexagon Impact Socket Bit