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Quality Bits Matching The Screw Recess

Rote Mate Produces Optimal Screwdriver Bits Matching Your Screws!


There are many kinds of screws and various types of screw heads on the market.

Since the pin punch varies from supplier to supplier, screw heads and screw recess from different suppliers would not be quite the same.


Therefore, even for the screw of the same size, tolerances for the screw recess from different suppliers could be slightly different.


Under this circumstance, how do they fit the screwdriver bits (TX bits) well to make the driving work more efficient and effective?


Just like finding the right size of clothing for a person could make the person look better, finding the right screw bit suitable for the screw recess will make driving work better.


Seeking the match between the screw recess and the screw bit tip has been a common issue, for which both screwdriver-bit makers and screw makers try to find a solution. The size of TH and PH screw recesses is changing gradually, and most screw makers are trying to integrate the recess design and size as well.


Rote Mate has been dedicated to finding a solution for this issue for quite a long time. We are confident of providing you with bits fitting well with your screws. You give us your screws, and we will give you the right bits matching your screws.





Quality Assurance and Innovation


Rote Mate’s management system conforms to ISO 9001: 2015. This assures our technical competence and organizational integrity.


Our production of hand tools and power tool accessories goes through a stringent quality control procedure and ensures premium quality. That is why our product quality exceeds the DIN and ASME standards. We use raw materials of premium quality, and do all of our own cold forging, lathing, milling, extruding, and imprinting work in-house. This allows our quality assurance inspectors to monitor assembly processes firsthand and to maintain a defect rate of less than 1 percent. In-house production also helps us maintain cost-effective manufacturing and enables us to offer better value to the customer.


Rote Mate is not only quality-oriented, but also innovative. Some of Rote Mate’s products such as impact driver bits, magnetic bit holders, and torsion bits are protected by patents. This shows Rote Mate’s innovation capability and ability of taking the customer’s orders with specific requirements.


Our innovation and quality assurance enable us to provide durable and high torque bits, which make drilling and screwing more effective and efficient.