Hose Clamp Driver / Hose Clamp Nut Driver

Product Description

What does a hose clamp driver do?

Rote Mate also makes hose clamp drivers with a flexible shank. The flexible shaft can be used to reach difficult places, such as gaps between compartments in machinery and ventilation ducts. The shaft can be bent and altered in a variety of ways. As a top screwdriver manufacturer, Rote Mate is confident in providing the best services, affordable pricing, and on-time delivery.
With the hose clamp driver, you can quickly and simply loosen and tighten those annoying clamp nuts. It has a 6-inch flexible steel shaft that can reach and position hose clamp nuts in any location.
The dual-density shaft provides grip comfort and control with or without gloves, making this essential tool a delight to use. It comes with a dual-sided socket that may be used to drive both normal 5/16 inch and small 1/4-inch hose clamp nuts.

What are the different types of hose clamp?

Screw/band, spring, wire, and ear are the four major types of hose clamps. A different hose clamp is employed depending on the type of hose and the attachment at the end. Hose clamps are one of the most often used hose accessories. Thus, inquiries about how to use them are common.
  • It's simple to loosen and tighten hose clamp nuts with this tool.
  • Standard and micro clamps (5/16 in and 1/4 in) are compatible.
  • A 6-inch flex shaft made of spring steel reaches and rotates clamp nuts practically anywhere.
  • The dual-density shaft provides grip and control.

Product Specification

Size Overall Length ITEM NO.
6mm 200mm T2PP06200PCON5
7mm T2PP07200PCON5
8mm T2PP08200PCON5
1/4” 8” T2PP104200PCON5
5/16” T2PP516200PCON5