S2 Torsion Impact Nut Setter

Product Description

  • High quality alloy steel, one-piece construction, cold forged, durable under constant use.
  • 1/4" driving shank w/ power groove.
  • Use for power driving hex head screw, bolts and nuts.
  • Ideal complement for any electric drill or power screwdriver.
  • Floating-backed magnet absorbs impact in tough driving applications.
  • Color code rings meeting ASME standards.
  • e-Nut is made of S2 alloy steel, which is high-quality and abrasion and deformation resistant steel with proper heat treatment process.

Product Specification

1/4 2" C0104E6050SKEM1
5/16 C0516E6050KEM3
3/8 C0308E6050SKEM5
7/16 C0716E6050SKEM0
1/2 C0102E6050SKEM1
1/4 2-9/16” C0104E6065SKEM1
5/16 C0516E6065SKEM3
3/8 C0308E6065SKEM5
7/16 C0716E6065SKEM0
1/2 C0102E6065SKEM1
1/4 4” C0104E6100SKEM1
5/16 C0516E6100SKEM3
1/4 6” C0104E6150SKEM1
5/16 C0516E6150SKEM3
3/8 C0308E6150SKEM5
7/16 C0716E6150SKEM0
6mm 50mm C060E6050SKEM1
7mm C070E6050SKEM2
8mm C080E6050SKEM3
9mm C090E6050SKEM4
10mm C100E6050SKEM5
11mm C110E6050SKEM0
12mm C120E6050SKEM1
13mm C130E6050SKEM7
6mm 65mm C060E6065SKEM1
7mm C070E6065SKEM2
8mm C080E6065SKEM3
9mm C090E6065SKEM4
10mm C100E6065SKEM5
11mm C110E6065SKEM0
12mm C120E6065SKEM1
13mm C130E6065SKEM7
6mm 150mm C060E6150SKEM1
7mm C070E6150SKEM2
8mm C080E6150SKEM3
9mm C090E6150SKEM4
10mm C100E6150SKEM5
11mm C110E6150SKEM0
12mm C120E6150SKEM1
13mm C130E6150SKEM7