Power Tool Accessories / Power Drill Accessories

Is your shop fully stocked with the latest power tool and drill accessories? Discover everything you need in this starter guide to power tool accessories.

Power Tool Accessories

The most used power tool is the power drill with 84% of contractors saying this is the tool they turn to the most. But the right power tools will only take you so far. The secret to success is having the right power tool accessories.

The right accessories help you to spend more time working and less time switching between tools. So get these four accessories for your tool kit and conquer your next project.

1. Bit Holders

This handy little power tool accessory is a must-have for your drill driver. It has a hexagonal steel bar that grips the chuck. Then on the other end, it has a chrome steel cylinder. You can slide any screwdriver bit into it.

Inside of the chrome sleeve is a magnet that holds your bit in place. Standard steel screws are magnetized, so they stay in place on the bit and make working much easier. When you're ready to move onto a different size screw, you can efficiently change out the bit by replacing the one in your bit holder.

2. Quick Release Chuck

If you work with a cordless screwdriver, then you need a quick release chuck, also called a quick-change chuck. This power tool accessory has a spring-loaded outer sleeve and hidden ball-bearings on the inside.

To work your chuck, you'll pull or push the outer sleeve backward to compress the ball bearings and allow you to insert or remove a drill bit. This quick-change solution enables you to move between drill bits quickly when using your power screwdriver or electric drill. You can then spend more time being productive and less time changing out your drill bits.

3. Nut Setters

A nut setter is an impact driver or power tool accessory that helps you when driving lag bolts or screws. The best time to use this accessory is in high torque applications when working with nuts, bolts, and hex head screws.

There are four types of nut setters, hex, lobular, impact, and torsion. Look for a nut setter that has a deep well and is made of durable materials. Having several nut setters of different sizes and lengths ensures you can hold a wide variety of bolts.

4. Bit Sets

The right drill bit set will help you be more productive and complete projects faster. But having the right set is about more than just having several sizes. You also need to think about the material the bits are made out of.

Choosing the right material will depend on the project you're working on. This means you'll need several sets to ensure they perform well and last. Here are the types of bit material you can choose from.

  • Carbide Tipped
  • Cobalt
  • High-speed steel
  • Steel
  • Titanium coated

Be More Productive With the Right Power Tool Accessories

Having the right tools help you do a job. Having the right tool accessories help you get that same job done better and faster. Outfit your tool chest with these four accessories so that you can easily and efficiently move through your next project.

Contact our knowledgeable team today and let us help you outfit your tool kit with the best quality power tool accessories.

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