Screwdriver Bits

Rote Mate provides power screwdriver bits of high quality, efficiency, high torque transfer and less cam-out. These bits are used for cordless screwdrivers and drills of variable speed and power to drive screws through all types of materials.

The power screwdriver bits include a base, a pillar installed on the base and a plurality of holding parts installed on the base. Moreover, the screwdriver bits are of high productivity in demanding applications; they have a longer lifetime and can be used in screwing and removing screws, especially high-strength bolts.

  • Hex-Ball Point Type
  • Pozi Screwdriver Bits
  • Slotted Insert Screwdriver Bit
  • Hexagon Insert Screwdriver Bit
  • Square Screwdriver Bit
  • Star Screwdriver Bit
  • Star-5/16" Shank
  • Star-Tamper Proofed
  • Star-5/16" Shank, Tamper Proofed
  • Spline Insert Screwdriver Bit
  • 2 In 1 Drywall Stopper W/A Revolving Collar
  • PH2 Drywall Stopper W/ Fixed Collar
  • Phillips Screwdriver Bit