Magnetic Bit Holders / Screwdriver Bit Holder

Magnetic Bit Holders and Screwdriver Bit Holders for Power Tool Accessories:

Rote Mate bit holders deliver efficient and professional performance. Our bit holders have a magnetic tip to prevent screws from dropping out. They keep standard magnetized screws sticking to the bit tip and make screwing or drilling in confined spaces easier. Rote Mate’s magnetic bit holders and screwdriver bit holders for power tool accessories also carry the following features:


  • Versatile: accommodate all 1/4" hex insert bits.
  • Efficient: bits can be changed quickly & easily.
  • Durable and sturdy: Rugged construction provides a long life under constant use.
  • Precise: specially designed for professional performance.


Rote Mate provides magnetic bit holders of various designs. Our bit holder with an automatic screw cap design is patented. We can customize all magnetic bit holders following the customer’s specific requirements.

  • Magnetic Bit Holders - Cold Forged Stainless Steel
    Magnetic Bit Holder - Cold Forged Stainless Steel
  • W/Magnetic Screw Cap
    Magnetic Bit Holder - W/ Magnetic Screw Cap
  • W/Extensible Sleeve
    Magnetic Bit Holder - W/ Extensible Sleeve
  • Magnetic Bit Holder - Stainless Steel
    Magnetic Bit Holder - Stainless Steel